Monday, June 23, 2014

Wyatt "Rambo" Ace

We are roughly 8 weeks in to Wyatt's recovery but, it feels like it has been so much longer.  Wyatt is such a fighter.  I can’t tell you how many compliments he gets a day by every passing person.  “He’s so beautiful”, and “wow, he has great hair”, etc.  It always brings a smile to my face.  He is our one long haired toe head.
Wyatt "Rambo" Ace
Wyatt looking at his new Nemo Room
Our days here at Brooks during the week consists of several types of therapy: PT, OT, Cognitive, and Speech.  The program we are in is not for intensive rehab but for response evaluation. The program typically runs about 2 weeks (which puts us to be leaving sometime this week).  They are watching him to see his response to stimulus.  We tend to see things more often than the therapist because they only see him for small time slots and we are with him 24/7, but there are small things happening, and we are PRAISING JESUS for the continued healing of Wyatt Ace! 
During PT/OT Session
We are SO thankful for all of you praying and believing with us.  God has brought Hebrews 11 to my heart recently, where it says it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God with out faith and then defines faith.  We are walking in Faith of what we are confident in, and we know that God loves Wyatt even more than we do.  God’s glory will be shown through this. 

Some Updates:
  • Wyatt is now sleeping through the night, with no additional sleep help.  This is a BIG change since the PICU at Shands where he would wake on and off.  What tends to wake him in the morning is poop, and this poop has NO blood.  His colon is healed!  
  • We have began transitioning him to bolus feeds during the day with continuous feeds at night and he is tolerating them very well.  
  • He now will move his tongue and mouth to his lemon “lolly pop”, its actually a lemon flavored cotton swab used by speech to entice him.  
  • His tone seems to be loosening.  The past several days he has started out tight in the morning but seems to be loosening up by the afternoon.  He was so loose, that Annabell even was able to hold him.  
  • A few of Abby’s friends stopped by and they saw Wyatt for the first time in 1.5 weeks.  They said he was so much looser and his eye movement was much more than when they saw him.  It’s so nice to have that perspective, because as his parent it’s kind of like watching your kids grow, sometimes you don’t really “see” it because it’s happening right in front of you.  
  • We have been able to lower some of his meds and he has been tolerating it well.  
  • Wyatt had his first non transport outing, the doctor gave Abby a 2 hour pass each day over the weekend.  She went to the park and then the apartment that our family is staying in here in Jacksonville.  He was so relaxed at the apartment.  Much more comfortable for him than the hospital.  
  • Wyatt had the hiccups for the first time the other day.  I know it’s a silly thing, but he was cuddled up to Abby when it began and it felt so familiar for her.  Just like he would do in the past. 
Please join us in prayer and in confidence:
  • Swallowing,  he needs to swallow consistently to keep his air way clear (he is keeping it clear through coughing now and swallowing is the next big step)
  • Tracking with his eyes
  • Continued decrease in tone and as it decreases for purposeful movement to begin with his hands/feet/etc
  • To see that beautiful smile
God is so faithful and I am beyond words to all the prayers and support that continue to flood in for Wyatt Ace, our warrior.  Wyatt will be a big brother soon, time is flying as Abby is due on July 31st.  Pray for him and for us to continue to “make level paths for your (our) feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed”.  Thank you for your continued prayers for our little fighter, Wyatt Ace. 


  1. Brad, I am Jimmy Sawyer's Mother. Have been following your blog. Thank you for updating this. We have been praying for your precious baby boy. and for his complete healing. May God's healing presence be with you and your family, and especially with Wyatt. Will be praying for the new addition to your family. In Christ's love, DeAnne Sawyer

  2. Thank you Brad for all the updates. I check for them daily and continue to pray for Wyatt Ace throughout the day. He is never far from my thoughts. I pray you will see his smile soon and God will continue healing Wyatt and that God will be praised throughout this journey. Love, Carole & Cliff Bowen

  3. I am so encouraged to hear about how God is healing Wyatt. Wyatt blesses me and reminds me to trust The Lord in ALL things. Thank u for sharing.
    -Tori Roan