Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wyatt Ace: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

50 days.  That is how long we ended up spending time with Wyatt as he regained strength at Shands PICU.  We are beyond thankful for the medical staff God put in place there while we were there and are excited to say the least to see what is to come with Wyatt's recovery. Wednesday, we were cleared to go to Brooks Rehab center in Jacksonville. We were able to take Wyatt there ourselves, which was such a blessing.  He traveled so well and seemed to enjoy the ride. 

Our first night at Brooks we noticed how much more quiet the room was for Wyatt, he slept 9 hours straight which was so good for him.  This morning he was woken up by us shuffling him off to his first evaluation.  This is wonderful and hard to watch.  I can only imagine how hard, frustrating, and exhausting it is to relearn everything from scratch and having to watch my strong baby boy, Wyatt Ace, our fighter, do it, is heart breaking and at the same time motivating to keep fighting right along side him.  We have our baby boy.  He is with us, he is getting better daily, and God is doing wonderful things. We are so blessed. 
Before we left Shands, Wyatt began to do a few things that he hadn't done as much.  The PT saw him track her clearly for the first time with out any question.  We had seen glimpses of this, but it was wonderful for him to do it for a room full of people.  His coughing and clearing of his throat has become much better, and even his breathing in general sounds so much better. He also has not stormed in a couple weeks which is a huge answer to prayer.  Please praise God for these steps.  The Lord said in Zechariah, " Then you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent me to you. For who has despised the day of small things?"- He was referring to the building of his temple, but He reminded us that even the small foundations have to be laid before the large steps can happen.  So we are not to trivialize even the smallest steps. 
Here are a few specifics you can continue to pray for all the while asking and praising God for Wyatt's full healing and restoration.  
  • Let his "tone" go away - this is the tension of muscles/tendons.  This way he can begin to use his limbs more naturally.
  • That he will use his limbs more purposefully, i.e. Opening closing hands etc.
  • That Wyatt will begin to track clearly with his eyes.  He has done this, but they want to see him do it at Brooks as well, and for it to increase in frequency.
  • We want to see him smile.  Please pray for this.  
  • For Wyatt to respond to a "command", ie "open your hand", "give me 5",  "look at mommy" etc. 
  • For our family and marriage to continue to stay protected and close during this time of healing.
  • And last but not least for continued miraculous break-through for Wyatt, where even the medical staff at shocked!

We are thankful beyond words for the love shown to our wonderful Wyatt and family during this time. Please Please Please keep praying daily for Wyatt.  

Here are a few more pics in last few weeks:

Our Family's First Meal Together in 40+ Days
Looking at Flowers in the Garden
The Garden of HOPE


  1. Oh Brad....I don't know what to much joy at Wyatt's progress but I also can just imagine your constant worry. Please know you are being thought of and prayed for DAILY! Loving your family and covering you in prayer.....

  2. He is so precious! I know you guys don't know me, but I have been following little Wyatt's progress, and I am so thankful for every improvement that I get to read about. Please know that you have so many people lifting your amazing little boy up to God and I can't wait to see that first picture of his smile!

  3. Brad and Abby... I know this is a hectic time for you both. Know we are here to assist in any way that we possibly can during your time here in Jacksonville. We are only a phone call or an email away.
    The Christ Church Neighborhood Groups

  4. We are singing the praises of God and laughing,crying,praying,celebrating, and grateful for every tiny improvement because we know each is a miracle delivered by the Almighty to Wyatt. Each is a testament to the love he has for Wyatt and all his children. Rave on beautiful boy, you are so fortunate to have a God that fights for you and with you and blessed to have an extraordinary family with limitless, bottomless love for you. Thank you Lord for all you gave and all you will continue to bless this amazing family with.

  5. Brought tears to my eyes to see Wyatt in the Garden of Hope where we have a brick for my Dad! We are so thrilled to see the progress in this special little fighter. We continue to think of you all and wish continued recovery! Hugs to you all!

  6. We are rejoicing with you at the Rock of Gainesville! I lead ladies prayer, this update brought tears to my eyes, I believe in Gods' hand on Wyatt,and the docs will look on in shock and awe! Praying also for peace in the storm for you all, with love in Christ! Louise Van Kirk

  7. We will be praying and me and my 17 month old will be joining y'all at brooks one week from mon

  8. Let our praise be music to our great God's ears!!! Glad to hear Wyatt is fighting and gaining speed. May rest be upon your hearts and minds and let the Lord do the fighting for you. I pray that you truly know the Lord IS GOOD. Love from Columbus, OH and our own little miracle. The Thompsons xo

  9. Thank you so much for this update. We continue to pray for Wyatt and the rest of the family.

  10. I dont know you but have been praying since this came across FB and will continue too.. God has this!!!